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Boutique Israeli Beer Comes to the East Coast

Can one of Israel’s leading boutique breweries carve out a niche among the thousands of brews sold in the United States? Malka Beer is about to find out.


Israel’s beer culture has developed considerably over the past few years, with dozens of small boutique brewers appearing and the first beer expo being held in 2011. Malka Brewery, located at Kibbutz Yehiam in the western Galilee, was one of the first boutique breweries.
Brewer Assaf Lavi and his brother Dan founded Malka in 2006 when Lavi left Tel Aviv for northern Israel. In Tel Aviv, the two brothers had run bars which have since closed. Outside the city, Lavi wondered what he would do next, and his brother suggested he make beer, Lavi recalls.


Publication: The Jewish Daily Forward

Written by: Liz Steinberg

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